MDT Operating System Import from Media

The first step in getting an Operating System into MDT is downloading it from Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (if you have access).  It is very important to note the Release Date, as an Operating System can have multiple Release Dates, even without a Service Pack being added.  These are typically released after Update Rollups.

6-26-2015 2-04-53 PM

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MyInstall: Update 20150626

MyInstall has been updated to support Server OS’s.  Config files will be updated automatically and by default Server OS is set to False.

'====== Operating System Compatibility =================================
	cOSWindowsXP                = True
	cOSWindowsVista             = True
	cOSWindows7                 = True
	cOSWindows8                 = True
	cOSWindows81                = True
	cOSWindows10                = True
	cOSServer2003               = False
	cOSServer2008               = False
	cOSServer2008R2             = False
	cOSServer2012               = False
	cOSServer2012R2             = False
	cOSServer10                 = False

MyInstall: BIOS Upgrades

MyInstall.vbs makes quick work of BIOS Updates.  For example I am working with a Latitude E6440 that has a BIOS of A05 and I need to get it updated to A12.  All I need to do is know my BIOS Switches, add my Min and Max version, set my Hardware requirements . . . and assuming I added the proper configuration to ZTIApplications, my system will reboot if necessary.

6-24-2015 1-45-46 PM


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MyInstall: Application with Local Copy and Process Monitoring Requirements

Ok this is a challenge.  For starters this is CCM Client, so I need to configure my cSetupFile and my cSetupSwitches.

I then decide that I want it copied locally, so I configure my cLocalPath to copy to C:\Windows\Local.

CCM Client will actually continue to the next Step in the MDT Task Sequence before it is really completed for some strange reason, so I need to configure cWaitForProcess to make sure that ccmsetup.exe is actually done running before exiting.

6-23-2015 3-12-25 PM

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MyInstall: Standard Application – Adobe Reader 11

So Adobe Reader 11 is a pretty simple application, so let’s have a look and get it configured with MyInstall.

First create an Adobe Reader 11 directory.  I place mine under DeploymentShare\Applications\Standard\Adobe Reader 11.

If you don’t have Adobe Reader 11 downloaded, go ahead and get a copy from

Place the Install EXE in a Source subdirectory.  This helps keep the install separate from the Admin files.  Next place URL link to your download in the Adobe Reader 11 directory.  This will keep you from having to look it up later, and also it is a good practice to have some marker in here so you know (or anyone else) where the file came from.

A fresh copy of MyInstall.vbs should go in here as well.

6-23-2015 1-24-22 PM

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