MDT Applications: Without Source Files

Let’s say you have several Applications that you need to Import in your Deployment Share.  If you are like me, and have more than a few (119 in my case) then the Applications directory is going to be a big mess.

6-18-2015 3-38-12 PM

So don’t do it that way!  For starters, put the Applications wherever you want in the Applications directory.  Then when you add the Application, make sure you select Application without source files or elsewhere on the network.

6-18-2015 3-40-12 PM

Don’t be afraid, when prompted for your Working directory, just make sure you put a .\ (period and slash) before Applications and you will be ok.

6-18-2015 3-42-50 PM

Now you can start thinking about Application Organization!

There are some downsides to this method though, Applications are no longer maintained by MDT.  This means the following:

  1. Deleting an Application in MDT will not delete the content in the Deployment Share
  2. Using Linked Deployment Shares will not work since Selection Profiles (used to identify which content is replicated) will not copy Applications in the Deployment Share to a Linked Deployment Share

For me personally I don’t consider these an issue.  This prevents me from accidently deleting content when deleting an Application in MDT.  Secondly I don’t use Linked Deployment Shares and prefer to replicate the content using Robocopy so I can be more granular with what is being replicated.