MDT Packages: Adding Approved Updates from WSUS (The Other Way)

Ok, so there is yet another way to get WSUS Updates converted into MDT Packages, and I saved the easiest for last.  For starters, you will need to have WSUS configured in your MDT CustomSettings.ini.  Additionally you will need to enable the step Windows Update (Pre-Application Installation).  It may be helpful to also add a Run Command Line step afterwards with the Command Line cmd /c Notepad.exe.  This will stop the Deployment so you have time to work with between reboots.  You can also add the same Run Command Line step before Windows Update so it will stop before running, so you can monitor things.  Simply close Notepad to continue

6-22-2015 2-45-08 PM

Now the trick is to watch your deployment for the Windows Update step.  You will see Searching for Updates in the Installation Progress.

6-22-2015 3-49-42 PM

Now just wait a minute, and the next thing you know it will start downloading updates.  You will also notice that directories will be created in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download

6-22-2015 3-50-48 PM

Once all the Downloads are done, it will start Installing the updates (but we don’t really care about that).

6-22-2015 3-51-08 PM

It is at this point that we want to copy the CAB files from C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download to some other location.  I keep a simple CMD file in my Applications directory to copy the CAB files to my laptop.

6-22-2015 3-51-25 PM

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a simple:

robocopy C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download “\\YourPC\C$\Windows 8.1 x64” *.cab /E

will work just fine.

6-22-2015 3-51-40 PM

At this point you can just shut down your Deployment VM (or PC) and in MDT, Import OS Packages pointing to the Directory you have with your CAB files.

6-22-2015 3-55-40 PM

6-22-2015 3-55-57 PM

At this point, you have all the Packages you need (make sure your Selection Profile is ok) to make sure your Deployments are properly updated.

6-22-2015 3-56-22 PM

Alternatively you can update your install.wim with these same CAB files using DISM if you feel so inclined.