MDT Packages: Adding Approved Updates from WSUS

Ok, so maybe you read my last post on MDT Packages: Adding Security Updates and that wasn’t enough for you, so you decided that you want to install everything that you have configured through WSUS.

Fair enough.

Head over and grab my WUA_UpdatesWSUSManual.vbs script.  You will need to edit line 17 to specify your WSUS Server.  If you already have your WSUS Server specified by Group Policy and know its working on your computer, then you can use WUA_UpdatesWSUS.vbs instead.

Copy this file on your destination computer and run using cscript WUA_UpdatesWSUSManual.vbs

6-22-2015 1-56-58 PM

If you get a message “There are no applicable updates.” then either you are up to date (not likely) or you don’t have your Computer in the proper Computer Group Membership (not Unassigned Computers).

6-22-2015 1-58-13 PM

Make the appropriate changes on your WSUS Server.  You will also need to run net stop wuauserv and then delete everything under C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution.  Then run net start wuauserv and try to run the script again.

6-22-2015 2-01-15 PM

Once this is corrected, you should have several updates that are allowed for this computer.  Once they are downloaded you can just close the script.

6-22-2015 2-05-34 PM

Now go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and copy all CAB files to your MDT Server.  From there you can Import OS Packages to get them added.

6-22-2015 2-09-03 PM

And make sure you have it enabled in your Selection Profile

6-22-2015 2-11-10 PM

Remember you cannot import any CAB with an Express in the name.  They won’t work.