MDT Packages: Windows Update Query

So you have an image you created a few months back.  In my case, I have a Windows 8.1 x64 image that was created on April 6, 2015.  Obviously it needs a Patch Tuesday fix for April, May, and June to be compliant.  There are a few methods that you can determine what is missing, and here are the easiest:

Ok, enough about that.  Rather than download a script to do the work, you have one already.

  1. Deploy your WIM to a VM.  Strongly recommended that it has Windows Updates turned off, and is not managed by SCCM.
  2. Map a Network Drive to your Deployment Share
  3. Open an Admin Command Prompt to your %DeploymentShare%\Scripts directory (probably Z:\Scripts)
  4. Run cscript ZTIWindowsUpdate.wsf /query
  5. Open C:\MININT\SMSOSD\OSDLOGS\ZTIWindowsUpdate.log in CMTrace

6-21-2015 1-07-49 AM

6-21-2015 1-09-03 AM

Now you have an excellent list of what is missing from your Image