MDT Suggestion Box: Applications

I am a big fan of MDT, but after using it for several years, I have come to find some room for improvement.  In this post I will be focusing on the Application side of things.

Import to Specific Location

It would be nice to be able to select a destination directory when importing.  This allows me to easily organize my Applications Directory in my Deployment Share.

Workarounds:  MDT Applications: Organization and MDT Applications: Organization With Source Files

Change Location of Imported Application

Allow me to change the location of the Imported Application.

Workaround: MDT Applications: Organization With Source Files

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Reboot Options

MDT has exactly two options when it comes to controlling Reboots.  Unchecked means that the application will not reboot, and checked means that a reboot will occur after the installation.

The problem with this is that there should be a third option, and that is to allow the application to control whether or not a reboot should occur.  For example, the Exit Code 3010 (ERROR_SUCCESS_REBOOT_ REQUIRED) is changed to an Exit Code of 0 by ZTIApplications.wsf.  There is an MSI Error Code of 1641 (ERROR_SUCCESS_REBOOT_ INITIATED) which should be allowed to initiate a Reboot without getting the Dirty Environment Found message on reboot.

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Multiple Command Lines for Architecture

Allow a command line for x86 and a separate one for x64.  This way

Application by Make

Dell OpenManage is something that I need to include on all Dell systems, nothing else.  No easy way to do that in the current iteration.

Workaround:  Add WMI Conditions to the Task Sequence

Application by Model

Allow me to enter a list of Computer Models that will be allowed to install the application.  For example I have some Software that will only work on a Surface Pro 3.  So now what?

Workaround:  Add WMI Conditions to the Task Sequence

Application by PNPID

So let’s say that I have a Sound Card Drive that only works for specific Hardware and I don’t want it in Out-of-Box Drivers.  I would like to be able to enter a PNPID and have MDT see if it is present and install if so.

BIOS Updates

I would hate to have to put all my BIOS Updates as WMI Conditions in the Task Sequence.  I would rather have them in a bundle, and have MDT decide if it should install or not.  It would need to do a compare of the BIOS Versions to work properly.

Install from Applications Directory

So some of my colleagues like to open my Deployment Share on the network and install an Application by clicking the Setup.exe, not knowing if it is really compatible with their OS / Architecture / Make / Model / etc and ignoring any special Command Lines or MST files that I may have.  Not much you can correct there.

Did I forget anything?