Deals: Microsoft Office 365 Home 1 Year + Microsoft Lumia 640 Windows Phone AT&T

If you follow these steps you will get a deal on Microsoft Office 365 Home and a Microsoft Lumia 640 Windows Phone.

If you already have an Office 365 Home subscription, this won’t work for you, sorry.  Also the Office 365 Promotion with the Lumia 640 expires August 14, 2015.

Buy the Phone for $79.99

You have a few options for buying the phone.  Either option will be a GoPhone in Orange Clamshell Plastic

The kit will include the phone, USB Charger, USB Cable, SIM Card, and Manuals

Unlock the Phone

I copied this from another source and am going through this process, but it should work

  1. DO NOT turn on the phone yet and never put a SIM card throughout this process! (If you have already done so, do a hard reset by pressing and holding volume down and power/wake button)
  2. Write down IMEI # found on the packaging or inside the phone cover.
  3. Submit AT&T unlock request & agree to Terms to unlock as “Non-AT&T Mobility Customer” via
  4. You’ll get 2 emails in the span of 12-24 hours. (1st is confirmation request # & 2nd is the 20-digit code.) Check your unlock request status here:
  5. Now is the time to power on the device for initial startup
  6. Update phone OS (System -> Settings -> Phone Update) and restart when completed
  7. Sign into a Microsoft account to install applications
  8. Once you receive the 2nd email within 24 hrs. for the 20-digit code, dial ##7820# on keypad (NOT emergency dialer!) to access SIM unlock screen with the padlock symbol.
  9. Enter the 20-digit code
  10. The padlock symbol will change to unlock within 15-30 seconds.

Setup the Phone

Go through setup and add connect with your Microsoft Account

Install Office 365 Gift from the Windows Store

Open the Windows Store and do a search for Office 365 Gift.  If the SIM Card is not in the phone you will get an error message, so make sure you have it installed.

After installing Office 356 Gift, enter your Microsoft Account email.

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Register Microsoft Office 365 Personal

The email you receive back from Microsoft will have a link and Product Key for you to register.  Once done you will have 1 Year of Microsoft Office 365 Personal

7-23-2015 1-37-12 PM

7-23-2015 1-38-00 PM

Buy Office 365 Home 1 Month for $9.99

Head over to Microsoft Store and add the $9.99 Office 365 Home 1-month auto-renewal.  Make sure you select this Monthly option as the default is 1 Year subscription.

7-24-2015 2-46-39 PM

Enjoy your upgraded Office 365 Home

7-24-2015 2-49-18 PM

Original credit goes to Paul Thurrott on his blog

Maximizing the Deal

I opted to buy 4 Phones from Target on separate transactions, adding the $25 Go Phone Refill Card on each transaction and using the Target Gift Cards on the next phone.

  1. $104.99 = $79.99 Phone + $25 Refill Card + FREE Target $25 Gift Card
  2. $84.99 = $79.99 Phone + $25 Refill Card + FREE Target $25 Gift Card – $20 Target Gift Card from Phone 1
  3. $84.99 = $79.99 Phone + $25 Refill Card + FREE Target $25 Gift Card – $20 Target Gift Card from Phone 2
  4. $84.99 = $79.99 Phone + $25 Refill Card + FREE Target $25 Gift Card – $20 Target Gift Card from Phone 3

In the end I have 4 Years of Microsoft Office 365 Home ($400 value), 4 Lumia 640’s, $100 Go Phone Refills, and a $20 Target Gift Card for $360 (not including Taxes in my example).  Now purchase a 1 Month Office 365 Home and have 4 Years of Office Home.  Easy enough to eBay the 3 phones and Refill cards that I don’t want to keep.

7-24-2015 2-49-18 PM

Now time to upgrade to Windows Phone 10