WinPE: Boot WIM’s Explained (The Practical)

This is a continuation of my last post WinPE: Boot WIM’s Explained (The Physical).  The outstanding question that I left is which Boot WIM to use.

If you want a lightweight no frills WinPE, use the WinPE.wim in AIK / ADK.  If you want a full Recovery Environment, then use WinRE.wim.  Don’t use the Boot.wim for anything.

Use Boot.wim to Replace WinRE (using MDT or DaRT)


So why not?

Because one thing that you want to make sure WinRE has is a Feature called WinPE-Rejuv.  This is only found in WinRE.  Unless you are an OEM like Dell, HP, or Microsoft, you simply don’t have access to WinPE-Rejuv, and if you are making a Recovery Image from WinPE.wim or Boot.wim, you won’t have this.

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So what does WinPE-Rejuv do?

It is used by Refresh your PC and Reset your PC.

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While they show up and look good, running them will only end in disappointment

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