MakePE: WinPE and WinRE Automation Script

What is MakePE?

MakePE is a collection of CMD files used to automate the building of WinPE.

What will I use it for?

I use these instead of MDT for making LiteTouch Boot WIM’s as well as customizing WinRE for OS Deployment.  Additionally this replaces the use of the DaRT Wizard for making a Boot Environment for Tools.

Where do I get it?

i will be posting this on GitHub after the documentation is complete, but feel free to contact me for a testing sample.

What does it look like?

Like a bunch of CMD files, with a very simple language for integration.  CMD Scripts are used as they are very easy to edit and modify for your environment.

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Pro Tip: Use A Virtual Machine

I am going to spend the next several days posting on how to create WinPE with minimal effort, but before you get started, make a Virtual Machine.  It doesn’t matter what OS, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10, but make a VM with one thing and one thing only.  Notepad++

The best thing about using a VM is no Anti-Virus blocking DISM and causing errors, and the ability to make snapshots before making changes.

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