MakePE: Build A Clean Virtual Machine

I can’t stress this enough, but you are going to need to build a clean Virtual Machine with nothing on it.  What I mean by clean is no Anti-Virus, no SCCM Client, nothing.  This will just get in the way of how MakePE works.  I’m sure you want to go ahead and put this on your production system, but there are so many variables, it would be much easier to have nothing get in the way (and easier to backup).

Create a Virtual Machine

I use Microsoft Hyper-V to build my VM’s, I chose to use Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64 for my OS.  In theory, MakePE should work on any OS that you set it up on, but I have only tested it on this configuration, so I cannot comment if something will or will not work 100%.

Drive Configuration

For the Drive Configuration, I use two drives.

  1. Create a VM with OS on Drive 1
  2. Add Drive 1 (NTFS) with nothing on it

This allows me to have a secondary drive that I can put all my MakePE files on.

2015-10-12_11-18-42Which makes much cleaner in my opinion