MakePE: Install MakePE

Now that you have your Virtual Machine setup, you will need to download and install MakePE.

From GitHub.  There is a link on the lower right side to download the ZIP.

Once you open the ZIP, simply place the files wherever you want.  Originally I had them in D:\Deploy\MakePE, but I have since rebuilt, so my files are now placed in D:\MakePE (some screenshots on other pages will have the older location)


Go ahead and make a VM Checkpoint before going any further!

As you can see in my image above, I opted to put them on a secondary drive in my VM at D:\MakePE

While you can put these files at C:\Deploy\MakePE or C:\MakePE, do whatever you like, although I will admit I have not tested MakePE yet on network locations, or directories with spaces in the names, so be warned.

Before you get started, a few things to note:

  1. You need Admin Rights for DISM functions.  There is no way around this, so when you run the Example Scripts, make sure you right click and “Run As Administrator”
  2. You will need the files from AIK and ADK to be able to service WinPE

So let’s start by double clicking on “Example – WinPE 10 x86.cmd” (don’t Run As Administrator).  You will probably get a Security Warning.  Uncheck the box and Run.


Since MakePE has several CMD scripts, you are going to have to do this for every file, or just download Microsoft Sysinternals Streams.

Copy streams.exe to your Windows directory and run it with the following command

streams -s -d D:\MakePE


Now you can run “Example – WinPE 10 x86.cmd” (don’t Run As Administrator).


Once you do this, some interesting things will happen, a CMD Window will open and pause when complete, and Notepad will open with a Log file.



A few things should stick out

  1. The CMD Window will show that AIK and ADK are not located and you will be unable to service WinPE (version specific)
  2. The CMD Window will let you know that you didn’t Run as Administrator.  So now you know you need to do this every time
  3. The CMD Window will tell you that MakePE did not complete properly
  4. The Notepad Log details that AIK and ADK are not installed

So go ahead and close the CMD Window and Notepad.  So now the elephant in the room is the changes to the MakePE directory.


As you will see you have several new directories that have been created, and here is what they do.

  • Builds – This will contain complete WIMs and ISOs, as well as MakePE Log files.  This is the output directory to get your final builds
  • Components – This is going to be where we put AIK, ADK, MDT, DaRT, and other WIMs like WinRE
  • Optional – Placeholder for Extra Files, Drivers, Wallpaper, and Customizations
  • ScriptsRW – This is where the scripts you want to edit belong.  I didn’t want you messing anything in the Scripts directory, so this is for you to mess with