MakePE: Adding MDT Support

In my last post MakePE: Integrating a BasePE WIM with MDT, I have shown how you can use a BasePE.wim to replace the ADK WIM for MDT.  So there may be some heads being scratched.  The obvious is why add MDT Support in MakePE instead of just replacing the ADK WIM?

There are several reasons . . .

Windows Recovery Environment

Obviously since MDT 2013 Update 1 requires ADK 10, thus WinPE 10, you lose the ability to do some Recovery Environment features if the version of WinPE you are using does not match the OS.  So for example, if your Enterprise is mixed (some Windows 7, some Windows 8.1, few Windows 10), you are only able to fully utilize the features on the Windows 10 clients.

Microsoft DaRT Tools

Same as Windows Recovery Environment . . . it needs to match.

Windows 7 Virtual PC

You can’t boot WinPE 5 or WinPE 10 from Windows 7 Virtual Machine.  So how do you load an image then?

Custom WinRE.wim

Well replacing the WinRE.wim with a Windows 10 version on computers not running Windows 10 won’t work.

Anyway as you can see, it would be ideal if we could get MDT 2013 Update 1 working on all versions of WinPE.  So here is how we do it.

Install MDT 2013 Update 1

Make sure install the latest bits.  There are two versions of MDT 2013 Update 1.  One released in August that had some major issues, and a second one released in September that had some major fixes.  Choose wisely.


Once you install MDT and run a Build Script, you will notice in the Log that it gets picked up automatically.


One major thing to note is that we didn’t specify a Deployment Share, so the Template is what is defaulted.  No worries, as long as you don’t have anything specific in your Bootstrap.ini, everything should still work.

2015-10-13_15-27-22 2015-10-13_15-27-28

That was easy, right?

You may optionally make a copy of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit from Program Files and place it in the MakePE\Components directory for portability.  MakePE will pick up the directory in Components automatically.