MakePE: Adding WinRE.wim Support

I never use WinPE.wim (AIK and ADK) or the Boot.wim from the OS Media, I always use WinRE.wim.

But Why?

Because Refresh your PC only works with WinRE.wim and Windows 10 includes Wireless Support in WinRE.wim.  Since WinRE has components that are only found in WinRE.wim and cannot be added using AIK or ADK, if you are customizing WinRE for your Enterprise, you are actually removing features that should be utilized.  Additionally using Microsoft DaRT to Configure a Recovery Environment actually uses Boot.wim, so why Microsoft has a tool to customize and configure a Recovery Media, without the full WinRE support is beyond me.

Getting WinRE.wim from the Install.wim

You can easily get WinRE.wim by mounting the Install.wim


And copying the file from Windows\System32\Recovery to MakePE\Components\WinPE 10 x86


Getting WinRE.wim from a Live OS

Things are a little different since Windows has probably moved WinRE.wim.  If you look in Windows\System32\Recovery you may not see it (make sure you are viewing Hidden, System, and Windows OS Files).  A simple reagentc /info will tell you where it is at.

If WinRE.wim is on a System Partition, you can use Diskpart to assign a Drive Letter so you can copy the file.  You may also be able to run reagentc /disable to put WinRE.wim back in Windows\System32\Recovery so you can copy it, and then run reagentc /enable to put it back.

Once you have WinRE in place in MakePE\Components\WinPE 10 x86, then MakePE will use WinRE.wim by default


And your Builds directory will show the new ISO made from WinRE.wim.  You will notice it is larger than the other ISO’s.


Booting to WinRE.wim will look identical to a system built with the Boot.wim

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