MakePE: Customizing the Wallpaper

I’m kinda stepping out of order here, but I had a question from a MakePE tester about the Background.  For starters, there are 4 different files used in the different versions of WinPE.  If you include add these files to MakePE\Optional\Wallpaper, they will be applied to your WinPE automatically.  I’ll go ahead and leave in the standard blue that I use when I release MakePE and you can decide what to do with them.


You can change these files to whatever color you want



Although if you start Recovery, it will switch whatever your wallpaper is back to its default Blue.  You can always replace them with an image, but I prefer color since they files are stretched, so you may get some strange looking images if you are on a widescreen computer.

If you don’t add these files, WinPE may startup default black



2015-10-13_14-09-5b 2015-10-13_14-09-5r 2015-10-13_14-09-59g 2015-10-13_14-09-59p