MakePE: Understanding the MakePE Main Phases

It is helpful if you understand the Main Phases of MakePE.  They are as follows:

  • BasePE Build Sequence
  • WinPE Build Sequence
  • ISO Build Sequence

This is visible in the MySettings.cmd file in both the Scripts and the ScriptsRW directories.


BasePE Build Sequence

  • Install AIK or ADK Packages
  • Install Microsoft DaRT
  • Install Extra Files (also included in WinPE Build Sequence)
  • Install BasePE Customizations

Steps that happen in this phase are ones that should not change, or should rarely change.  At the end of this phase, a BasePE.wim is created in the MakePE\Builds\WIMBasePE directory.  The main purpose of this is to save time when rebuilding.

The first time you create a WinPE using MakePE, it will create a BasePE for that specific WIM/Version/Architecture, then MakePE will build out a WinPE, followed by am ISO.  The second time you run MakePE for the same WIM/Version/Architecture, if it finds a matching BasePE, the steps to create a BasePE will be skipped.  So you will only have to see ADK Packages installed once.

It may be necessary to rebuild the BasePE, for example if you are adding Microsoft DaRT at a later time.  You can rebuild BasePE in one of two ways.

The first way is delete the BasePE WIM from the MakePE\Builds\WIMBasePE directory.  The second way is to add an entry to your Build CMD file with the entry set RebuildBasePE=Yes.  By setting this value, the BasePE WIM will be deleted at the beginning of MakePE.


WinPE Build Sequence

  • Install MDT Support
  • Install Drivers
  • Customize WinPE

Steps in this phase are more dynamic and can change frequently.  I will detail how to configure these steps in more detail in a future blog post.

ISO Build Sequence

  • Install ISO Extra Files
  • Create ISO

Pretty much self explanatory as these steps are used to create the Boot ISO’s.  More detail in a later step.