MakePE: ScriptsRW Customizations

I’ve spent a great deal of time working on MakePE and writing the scripts, so do me a favor and don’t edit them. They are intentionally generic so anyone should be able to build out WinPE.

But if absolutely hijack my work, then have a look in the MakePE\ScriptsRW directory. Keep in mind before you got started, there was only one file in here.


Every different function in MakePE creates these files automatically.  In the image below on the left is the Add-ExtraFiles.cmd step.  If you read the script, it will create this file if it does not exist, and then execute it.


Let’s say for example I wanted to add ImageX.exe as an Extra File.  So I don’t have to copy the proper version and architecture into my ExtraFiles directory, I can simply add the logic in here.


And now ImageX.exe will be part of all my WinPE builds with the proper version.

Another example is the Install-DaRT.cmd step.  I can add the logic in the ScriptsRW\Install-DaRT.cmd to rename Locksmith to make it harder (but not impossible) for someone to get in WinPE and change the Administrator Password.


One thing I hate seeing on my ISO’s is all the languages in the root.


And yes it is easy enough to add the logic to remove them during MakePE


Resulting in a more beautiful presentation of the ISO files


And with the right logic in the ScriptsRW files


You can convert the standard WinPE experience


Into something completely different