Partitions: MDT 2013 Update 1 Build 8298 Default BIOS Partitions

Its time to clear the air when it comes to Partitions and the Task Sequences.  I’ll start with the latest MDT 2013 Update 1 (Build 8298) and detail the issues.


On a BIOS system 3 partitions will be created.

  • System Reserved / 499MB / NTFS / Bootable
  • Windows / 99% Remainder / NTFS
  • Recovery / 100% Remainder / NTFS

I added a pause in my Task Sequence right after the Format and Partition Disk (BIOS) step and on a 127GB drive in Hyper-V, this was my layout:

  • System Reserved / 499MB / NTFS / Bootable
  • Windows / 125GB / NTFS
  • Recovery / 1300MB / NTFS


The biggest issue that I have is my Recovery Partition is about 1% of my Total Drive Size.  So on a 127GB Drive, this is a 1.27GB Partition, way too large for a 300MB WinRE.wim.  Now if I use the same logic, and apply this to a 20GB drive, my Recovery Partition will be 200MB.  Way too small!  And if I have a rather large 1TB drive, then I get to look forward to a 10GB Recovery Partition.  The main issue for this is that there is no control on the Recovery Partition size (because the partitioning changed from Script based to Task Sequence based).