MDT: ZTINotePause.wsf Pause Script

Here is a script that I have been using in my MDT Task Sequences to pause at specific Milestones.  This allows me to have a quick check at variables, and to provide a specific spot for me to make Checkpoints.  You can view my source files on GitHub, or just download the ZIP

Edit 2015/11/02 @ 8:00pm CST: Updated CustomOptions.xml due to formatting changes


There are two files you are going to want to add to your Deployment Share in the Scripts directory.  They are ZTINotePause.wsf and CustomOptions.xml.  Do NOT add the DeployWiz_Definition_ENU.xml file to your Scripts directory.  This is an example only . . .

In MDT you need to add this to your Task Sequence.  This is easily done with a Run Command Line step and configuring it as follows (you can place it in your Task Sequence as many times as you want).


By default this step will not run.  In the script itself there is an Environment Check to see if a Variable has been set, which it has not, so this will just be skipped anyway.


The DeployWiz_Definition_ENU.xml in my Download has an added entry.  As you can see below, it will display the CustomOptions.xml in the Wizard if the UserID is SEGURA.  Change this to whatever UserID should see this pane in the Wizard (must be CAPS).


Now when someone matches that UserID (or whatever condition you specify in DeployWiz_Definition_ENU.xml) runs a Deployment, the Custom Options will be presented.  Checking the box will set the Variable OptionNotePause =Y


If the box was checked, the Task Sequence will be halted while Notepad is open.  When you close Notepad, the Task Sequence will continue.


If you look in the NotePause Text, you will see that every possible Variable has been added to this Text file, which will allow you to validate things.  Very helpful when you are running into some issues and want to check to make sure your Variables are correct.


The newest copy will always be present in your OSDLOGS directory for reference