Win10: Unattend.xml CopyProfile and OneDrive

You may find that OneDrive doesn’t work in Windows 10 after building a Custom Image and using the <CopyProfile> entry in the Unattend.xml.  I detailed how CopyProfile works in my last post

The problem with Windows 10 is Copy Profile seems to break OneDrive

To get to this point, the following steps were done:

  • Create a Reference Image using a Build and Capture Task Sequence (Sysprep) in MDT.  In my test there were no updates or customizations.
  • Deploy the Reference Image with CopyProfile set to True in the Unattend.xml
  • After deployment is complete, login as a New User
  • Run Regedit and search for ‘Administrator’

Registry Administrator Remnants

When reviewing the HKEY_CURRENT_USER of the New User, there were 50 remnants of the Administrator Profile.  Most of these relate to OneDrive


Additional Administrator remnants seem to reference CD Burning and Internet Settings



Testing OneDrive

When logged in as Administrator, OneDrive opens as expected


When logging in as a New User and selecting OneDrive, nothing happens


Opening C:\Users\Administrator and selecting Continue to grant Permission


Allows OneDrive to work


The Real Solution

I believe the Solution would be to remove OneDrive and Reinstall, but I have not tested this at this time.  Granting permissions to the Administrator Profile is not ideal for All Users, and quite possibly the Administrator Account should be removed or disabled.  I will submit a Bug on Connect on this issue.