Win10: Personalization Colorization Color (and Headaches)

Apparently I didn’t take a close enough look at the colors from yesterday’s posts with an eyedropper, so I am expanding on how the Colorization works in a little more detail, with a little more headache.

When customizing your Corporate Theme, you will want to pick a Colorization Color.  You can pick your Colorization Color in Personalization.  The easiest way to get there is to right click on your Desktop and then Personalize.


From there you can select Colors.  For this post I will be focused on the first color which is Yellow.


RGBA Color Space

From there I need to determine the RGBA Color Space in ARGB format.  The A stands for Alpha, which is the Transparency.  Since this is in HEX, values for ARGB will range from 00 to FF in pairs.  This is DEC equivalent to 255 values per channel, or  16 Million Colors + Transparency.  An Alpha value of 00 (DEC 0) is fully transparent, while FF (DEC 255) would be completely opaque.

The default Windows Aero.theme has a Transparency of HEX C4, which would be a value of DEC 196, which is about 23% transparent (196 DEC value / 255 DEC possible values = 77% opaque).  If we want a Transparency of 50%, then we would need a HEX of 7F (255 DEC / 2 DEC = ~127 DEC)

Now that you understand what it means, we need to find the value of the color we selected.

The hard way is to take a screenshot of the Colors and open it in MSPaint.  From there use the eyedropper, and then to select Edit colors.  This will give you RGB values, but not Alpha (Transparency)


The easier way is to open Regedit and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\DWM.  This will provide you with the Colorization Color in proper ARGB values.  Every value that I have checked in Personalization\Colors has an Alpha (Transparency) value of C4, so no matter what we choose, it will always start with 0XC4******.  Always use CAPS when referencing this (as I have seen inconsistent results in lowers).  In this case the Yellow I picked is 0XC4FFB900.


Modify Aero.theme

I can now take the colorization Color 0XC4FFB900 and modify C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Aero.theme

Some changes I will make is to add Control Panel\Colors with Background 00 00 00.  This will give me a black background for now.  I also make sure that Wallpaper is present, but no value is selected.  And finally AutoColorization is off (0) and the ColorizationColor has what I need.


I can then apply the theme and reboot.

Testing Results

Now I see that my Logon Screen has changed colors.  When I check it I see that it has an RGB of 186 137 0.


Which is much darker than the RGB of 255 185 1 that I had selected in Colors by about 35%.


So while I can pick the colors of Start, I cannot specify the color of the Logon Screen.

Changing the Lock Screen to Match the Logon Screen Color

I can apply an image to the Lock Screen, so I want to do this to match the Logon Screen (not the Colorization Color).  In Paint, I create a new JPG 800 x 600 and apply the color RGB 186 137 0 to match the Logon Screen.


I’ll make sure I am pointing to it in the Registry


Upon reboot I see that my Lock Screen is darkened even more with RGB 149 110 0.  So even though I made a JPG with a specific color, Windows decided to change the color 😦

Changing the Lock Screen to Match the Colorization Color

Ok, so my last test didn’t work, but what if I change the jpg to my Colorization Color of RGB 255 185 1?


Nope, that didn’t work either.  Here is the resulting color from my Lock Screen pasted over my Logon Screen


So while you can make some slight customizations, there appears to be no exact way to get the colors you want exact on the Lock and Logon Screens.

Adjusting the Desktop Background Color

So I decide that I want my Desktop Background Color to match my Logon Screen RGB 186 137 0.  So I make the adjustment in my Aero.theme and reboot.


Now here are my final screens merged together so you see the Logon Screen is the odd man out.


What if I just want the Standard Blue?

Ok, this might be easy.  Edit your Aero.theme to add Background to 00 90 158.  Second, make sure your ColorizationColor is back to the default of 0XC40078D7.  Apply the Theme.


Third, make sure your LockScreenImage in the Registry is set to C:\Windows\Web\Screen\img105.jpg


After reboot the Logon Screen and Desktop should match, with the Lock screen being ever so slightly different.


Good luck!