Creating an Easy MDT Wizard Pane for Mikael Nystrom :)

I have nothing but love for Mikael Nystrom.  He is a true genius when it comes to OS Deployments.  While I am certainly not up to the level as Mikael, I am scratching my head at his post “OS Deployment – Adding a Wizard to control the Task Sequence behavior when you create a Reference Image“.

In this post at the bottom of his Q & A, he states

Question: Why don’t you add a Wizard Page instead?
Answer: Because that is more complicated if you don’t know exactly how the wizard works

Well, I need to simplify things for everyone (it’s not really that hard)

Create %ScriptRoot%\DeploymentSettings.xml

Create a file called DeploymentSettings.xml in your %ScriptRoot% with the following contents (I’d share the text, but apparently WordPress is not liking the XML that much)


Edit %ScriptRoot%\DeployWiz_Definition_ENU.xml

Add the marked block to your %ScriptRoot%\DeployWiz_Definition_ENU.xml file.  Make sure that the OKUser1 matches the UserID of the person you want to make this visible for (you can add an “or” condition for multiple users)


Great, now the user that needs to see this option, will see it, while everyone else will not. You decide for yourself if this is really more complicated.

Here are some screenshots of the result