Tool: OSConfig Download

Updated 20151204

Ok, so I have had enough time off since my Tool: OSConfig (Preview) to finish the script and do some initial testing (as well as enjoying Thanksgiving break).  If you read through the Preview, and my Tool: OSConfig (Preview) Why? post, then let’s just get started on where to go.

For starters, head over to GitHub to get the Download.  You can also download the

Once you have completed the download, unpack the zip.


Since these files were downloaded over the Internet, you will need to Unblock them.  You can painfully choose to do this individually, or download Sysinternals Streams to do this for you.


A better option would be to download GitHub Desktop and Clone my Repository so you don’t have to worry about unblocking the files.

Additionally, delete any .gitignore files that were downloaded as part of the Zip and do not include them in your OSConfig directory