Tool: OSConfig Removing Unnecessary Appx Packages

So you want to remove some Appx Packages from Windows prior to first logon?  Easy enough.  If you have run OSConfig on a system go to C:\Windows\OSConfig\Logs and look in AppxPackage.txt.  In there it will give you a list of all Packages that are staged to be installed.  Just decide which ones you don’t want installed.  This post relates to Windows 10, but Windows 10 configuration is the same.


From there, in your OSConfig\Windows 10\Settings directory you have a Sample file called 10o AppxPackages 1507 – Remove.ps1 (you may be running already if you renamed it).  If you are running the TH2 build of Windows 10, have a look in 10o AppxPackages 1511 – Remove.ps1 as there are some additional AppxPackages that were not part of Windows 10 CBB (July 2015).  No harm in letting them both run.  Just modify one of these files to have a list of the Packages you don’t want installed and let OSConfig do the work.


Additionally you can have a look in the Logs directory one more time, OSConfig will generate a list before and after the Settings are applied so you know exactly what is in your Windows build.