Tool: OSConfig Standalone

One of the neat things about ZTIOSConfig.wsf is that it only copies what it needs from the Deployment Share and moves everything into a proper format.  In the example below OSConfig was copied to a Windows 10 deployment (in WinPE).  The contents of my %DeploymentShare%\Applications\OSConfig\Windows 10 is what we see in C:\_SMSTaskSequence\OSConfig (and the OSConfig.vbs obviously).


If you have OSConfig configured properly and say you want to run it on a system Post – OS Deployment, that is possible too.  Simply copy %DeploymentShare%\Applications\OSConfig to C:\Windows\OSConfig.  It won’t look proper, initially, because it will contain all the other Operating Systems.  Run C:\Windows\OSConfig\OSConfig.vbs manually . . .



And everything will be moved into the proper format


And after a reboot or two, most of the settings will be applied properly.  A few caveats, not all Metro Applications will uninstall completely, and the Theme may have to be manually selected.  LockScreen wallpaper may not change as well.  This has to do with Trusted Installer owning these files, even though you may be running in an Administrative context.  Start won’t be properly configured since the LayoutModification.xml should be applied before the user is logged in.  Subsequent users that log in should have mostly proper configurations, but well you know these issues are to be expected since these changes were made after a user logged in for the first time.  I’ll try to see how I can resolve some of these things, but understand OSConfig was intended to be run prior to first logon.