Win10: Adding Office 2016 to Start Menu using LayoutModification.xml Append Groups

Third post in my series.  Make sure you read Win10: Start Menu Cleanup using DefaultLayouts.xml and Win10: Start Menu Customizing using DefaultLayouts.xml first.

I’m not going to rehash on how to use PowerShell to export a LayoutModification.xml, but how you can make your own.  For starters, read Microsoft’s Start layout for Windows 10 desktop editions

When installing Office 2016, it adds Shortcuts to ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs


You can create a new XML with the following values.  In this case I created an AppendGroup with the name Office.  Append Groups are added to Start Menu, so in this example, my LayoutModification.xml will not replace what is already present on my Start Menu.

GitHub Raw Link


To activate this file, read my post here.

After signing in as a New User, I can see that I have my proper Office 2016 Append Group from LayoutModification.xml


Since you only get to use one LayoutModification.xml, why waste it to configure the Default Start? Use DefaultLayouts.xml instead for OS Start Menu.  I recommend that you use LayoutModification.xml as part of your Office Packages, that way when you upgrade Office, you can modify the Office Apps that are added to Start.