I am David Segura, a Houston based Windows Deployment Specialist.  I currently work for a large Enterprise supporting 40,000+ clients, for over 13 years, so much of what I write on my blog is used in an Enterprise Production environment.

The blog is a two way commitment . . . it allows me to share what I do, while also giving me a way to document my processes.  The added benefit is that I get to share this knowledge with you.  I am open to questions, but keep in mind, I am not a Consultant, or an Instructor.  I don’t make any money from what I post here, not even Ad Revenue, so this is my gift to you.  If you find anything I post helpful, please Rate the post, Add a Comment (even to say Hi), and Share it out.

Much of my knowledge has come from the Guru’s, Johan Arwidmark and Mikael Nystrom after attending one of their Geek Week training sessions in Redmond.  If you are not fortunate enough to attend one of their sessions, you can always get a Deployment Fundamentals book.


David Segura