OSConfig is a script that I am using to configure my Operating Systems (Windows XP – Windows 10) in MDT and OSD.  Changes are made to the Operating System after reboot from WinPE prior to first Logon.  This allows changes to the System and the Default User Profile to be made and bypasses the need to use Sysprep Unattend CopyProfile (which may have issues in Windows 10).

This page is not complete and I will keep adding information as new functionality is added.

OSConfig Pre-Release Overview
OSConfig (Preview)
OSConfig (Preview) Why?

Downloading OSConfig from GitHub (Updated 20151204)
OSConfig Download (Updated 20151204)

Configure OSConfig with MDT (SCCM Guide Coming Soon)
OSConfig MDT Integration (Updated 20151204)
OSConfig MDT First Run (Updated 20151204)

OSConfig Features
OSConfig Logs (Added 20151204)
OSConfig Registry Backup (Added 20151204)
OSConfig Registry Snapshot (Added 20151204)
OSConfig Settings (Added 20151204)

Settings Files
OSConfig Sample Settings
OSConfig Default User Customizations
OSConfig Undo Settings
OSConfig Architecture Settings
OSConfig Task Sequence Only Settings
OSConfig RunOnce Settings
OSConfig Standalone

Working with OEM Folders
OSConfig OEM Folders

Working with Themes, Wallpaper, and Start Customizations
OSConfig Theme Customizations (Windows 10)
OSConfig Theme Sample – Windows 10 (Added 20151204)

Advanced Functions
OSConfig Removing Unnecessary Appx Packages
OSConfig Appx Packages (Added 20151204)

vs Task Sequence Steps
OSConfig for GaryTown (Added 20151206)

OSConfig News
OSConfig News 20151209
OSConfig News 20151208
OSConfig News 20151204