What is MakePE?

MakePE is a collection of CMD files used to automate the building of WinPE and WinRE.  It offers MDT and DaRT Integration, as well as Driver Support and Customizations.

Why did I create MakePE?

MakePE was created out of necessity.  I work in an environment that supports Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and now Windows 10.

WinPE is used in my environment for OS Deployment (MDT), System Recovery (DaRT), and McAfee Encryption repairs.

System Recovery and DaRT is OS specific.  So if I am going to use System Recovery and DaRT, my WinPE has to match the Operating System.  So this means I need to maintain WinPE 3 for Windows 7, WinPE 5 for Windows 8.1, and now WinPE 10 for Windows 10.

Additionally WinRE is customized in my environment with DaRT and MDT Integration.

So I had been using MDT to create WinPE 5, and WinPE 3 was manually updated by mounting the WIM and manually configuring.  Now with the release of MDT 2013 Update 1 which requires ADK for Windows 10, I needed a way other than MDT to build my WinPE versions.

What will I use it for?

You can use these for making LiteTouch Boot WIM’s for MDT as well as customizing WinRE for OS Deployment.  Additionally this replaces the use of the DaRT Wizard for making a Windows Recovery Environment

Where do I get it?


On the right side of the page, click the Download ZIP button

What OS’s can I run this on?

Everything has been tested and functional on a Windows 8.1 and a Windows 10 Build computer.  There are DISM errors encountered on Windows 7, so if you are in a Windows 7 environment only, use a Virtual Machine with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 to do the builds.

How Do I Install It?

What does it look like?

Like a bunch of CMD files, with a very simple language for integration.  CMD Scripts are used as they are very easy to edit and modify for your environment.

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Any future plans for MakePE?

Seriously, I have tried to think of everything and put it all together in a very easy format for you to take away and use.  I may consider porting MakePE to HTA/VBS or PowerShell at a later date.

What is SuperPE or SuperISO?

SuperPE is a Multi-Boot WinPE so you can put all your supported WinPE versions all together, instead of having separate USB Drives.  SuperISO is basically the same thing, but an ISO.


Please take the time to read through the following articles I have written about using MakePE.  While I appreciate comments and feedback, I do not offer Support as I already have a full time job 🙂

If there is something that is not clear or detailed enough, leave a comment and I will see what I can do.